The super conscious mind  is part of the subconscious mind. It’s a caring voice that whispers in your ear « if you do this, it will lead you to that » or « it would be better for you to choose that, etc.

The super conscious mind is an expression of the soul that is  always there for you and only wants good things for you.  It never judges you and has no expectations whatsoever. Your super conscious mind will always act in your best interest and will always respect your core beliefs. It’s a great source of wisdom and provides useful insights and knowledge that can bring you a true sense of understanding, full filment, and purpose.

In short, it tries to make things clear for you. It knows everything  about you, it experiences and feels the same emotions as you. That’s why it knows you so well and gives you the best advices. Your super conscious mind can answer all your questions. It will always respect you and share information you find acceptable. It will only do so when you’re ready to hear it and understand it. Your « higher self » or soul only wants good things for you. It accompanies  you on your path so you can accomplish your mission in life.

If needed, it will restore your energy  at the physical and/or emotional level. This can be instantaneous  or progressive, and often  depends  on your commitment and willingness to change your behavior in your everyday life.

If your conscious mind or your ego prevents  you from entering a state hypnosis, I will guide you to recognize this part of the ego. You will then follow my instructions to accept and access the conscious self. There are shy conscious selves, and others who talk a lot. That’s only a detail, the most important thing is that it will answer your questions if you allow it.

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