An hypnothist is a person who is able to facilitate sessions for others or them self into a state of hypnosis.

Being in Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that is creating alpha brain wave state which is the same brain wave as meditation state which allow to bypass the conscious mind to accès the subconcious. This subconscious is our blueprint .

So if somebody wants to make a change and has been unsuccesfull consciously and fail to do so, then hypnosis helps to make the change you need by getting into this blueprint and change it by understanding who we are, why we do act the way we do, and how we are in the pattern that we bring .Once we consciously understand this then can live our life fully.


80% of our past life which in fact are simultaneous life ,include some sort of émotions, either joy sadness fear, sorrow revenge etc.. and they are so impactfull ,that when inconsciouly in our dayly lifes that when we understand or release those emotions the result is really impactfull and often people then things like « oh now i know why

– i’ve always been scared of that ….,

or i ‘have often been fear full of …

or why we i choose people like i do ?

or why do i have this mark on my body?

The soul or subconscious does not understand about time , for your soul something that happened 2000 BC or 100 years ago is the same, meaning it just happend now » for the soul, those emotions are real and this is why it affect us now in our present time.

Simultaneous life let s call it ,because « Past life » is not appropriate anymore , do not necessarely come from this planet but can come from other planet as well. And as we are part of a all universe with many millions of planets we too are part of it , and part of Nature ,we recycle and evolv for the better.