We experience time like fish swimming through water. It moves through us, pulses in each of our cells, and radiates our existence. What we think  we know is an illusion. Quantum & spiritual hypnosis unlocks  a deeper understanding of our learnings process from your soul’s perspective. It helps  us understand specific patterns and challenges  that life throws  at us. It then helps us  alter  them and rebuild them on our learning  journey  on earth.

Quantum physics explains the spatial and temporal distortion as well as the infinite number of planes and parallel  lives  that we can cross through our mind, our consciousness  and our will  under hypnosis! We know now that time doesn’t pass at the same speed at different altitudes.  In fact, it goes  by faster on the top of a mountain than on a plain.

The concept of the « present moment » can only be defined through our immediate surroundings. The laws of gravity, electricity, magnetism  and Larne don’t separate the past from the future. Their  equations  aren’t time dependent!

Our emotions are the gateway that connects  us to it. Our soul experiences everything in different lives  in order  to learn and evolve through incarnation. Thanks to hypnosis, we can reconnect with our emotions  by looking  back at the origin of a problem and understand it .

Thrue understanding why we had to experience this emotions , we can understand the reasons for repetitive patterns, that creates psychosomatic symptoms, sadness, allergies, or recurring  physical discomforts…

In short, your body is always talking to you and trying to make you realize what you are doing wrong in your life, calling for help! If you give it a chance to express itself through hypnosis, it will serve you well.

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