Well let me clarify few things here …

First of all an hypnotic state is by definition a hight suggestibility state which means that to be in a state of hypnosis you need to consent and an active participation to the proposed suggestions to help yourself to go in this state which is a state of meditation.(same bain wave).It’s like being in a dream but awake, or it is like listening yourself talking to a friend or it s even like after 5min going to sleep ,you are in your bed relax and start to think about things but if at that moment your partner is asking you « did you put the alarm clock? »you will hear it and answer it .This mean you will totally feel in control and that is normal. That s why people do not « feel » they have been under hypnosis once out of transe .

Most of people who never have been in hypnosis have this misconception of what it is to be like in this state, why? because we all have seen an hypnosis shows on TV and have seen a person with no control whatsoever either acting like chickens or doing funny things.The truth is it s funny but do not help the client ,on the other hand spiritual hypnosis or conversationnal hypnosis does.

And you will probably remember everything after your hypnosis which again is normal.Then by your total participation to those suggestions you allow yourself and the hypnotherapist to guide you and let your imagination flows, because you see, your imagination is the only tool that your inconscious mind have to express itself ,by imagination mainly but as well as talking for communication using your voice, and sometimes it will make you feel emotions or maybe physical symptoms as a warning that those feelings needs to be address at that exact moment and this is normal.If on the contrary you are consciously refuse to acknowledge those feelings by not expressing it you are compromising your own healing. If you get nervous and hear this small voice in your head « no i don t want to feel it, it was so pain full, or i don t want to deal with it  » and that is totally normal by the way, then it is exactly NOW the time to deal with it to finally and get free of it once and for all.

I agree with you it takes a good dose of courage, but no one else can deal with it for you, only you .And i believe that if you are reading this article it is because unconsciously maybe, or even out of « curiosity »… but you re ready for it!

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