Have you ever thought about what happens after we die?

What is reincarnation?

What are we doing in this universe?

On this  small piece of land in the middle of countless  planets  and stars?

Thanks to rockets and satellites, we gained knowledge about many things, including ourselves, our surroundings, and our insignificant size in space. We also become aware of the damage we did to our wonderful  planet, the source of so much life and diversity. This  raises great questions, of course, and therefore requires  us to continue our search for knowledge. This is what pushes our researchers and physicists to go further  and further. However, while science has limits, our consciousness  and thoughts  have none. This is where our strength lies as small humans drifting in outer space on our spaceship: planet Earth.

What is the purpose of my life? Where do I come from? Why don’t I get along with my brother, sister, parents, etc.? Do I have to change jobs? Why do I always feel so empty? Why do I have such unexplainable pain in my…? What is my mission in life? How can I increase my vibratory frequency?  

We are rediscovering valuable teachings that have been forgotten for hundreds of years. We are learning how to reconnect with our environment and ourselves again.

Every day, our « life » begins from the moment we wake up and put our foot down on the ground until we go to bed at night. This activity engages 12% of our brain. The remaining 88% is of great use too, this is what we call the « cloud » and it is located in the right side of the brain. However, we don’t have access to it because this part of the brain is unconscious. Every emotion and every thought since our birth and all thought from our past life is stored  there.

Our Higher self can express itself thru our « cloud » and  also allows us to connect with our soul on a subconscious level. It’s a magical moment when this part reveals  itself through hypnosis. It only wants the best for you, it never judges you and can provide valuable guidance for your future.

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