« Unexpressed émotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth in uglier ways »

-Sigmund Freud-

Why choose this method?

Because the all-purpose of life is SELF-EXPRESSION, this hypnotherapy technique will help you to release those unexpressed emotions related to your deep trauma by giving you the « voice » to express yourself and accomplishing what you could not do in a safe environment.

Facing courageously yourself by looking inward and guided by your hypnotherapist is the only way to deal with destructive behaviors, childhood trauma abuses or molestations that led you to poor choices in life.

When we do encounter a trauma as a child or an adult sometimes, often, we do say nothing, we do not want to bother others with our problems, then, we shut down ourselves and bury those emotions with our silence for all sorts of personal reasons.

But those emotions don’t fade, they get bigger and bigger with time, until they are so overwhelming, we can ‘t hide them anymore.

It is a blessing when this happens, because it means that you are finally ready and strong enough to deal with it and put an end to it. Then it is time to book a session.

For whom?

For anyone above 18 years old, that wants to heal themself via hypnotherapy.

What is introspective hypnosis?

It is an applied method of hypnosis created by Aurelio Mejía, developed, expanded and taught by Antonio Sangio North-Carolina author of the book « my soul’s plan » and « guiding lost souls ».

This technique deals with recurrent psychosomatic symptoms who have no medical explanations, help you to discover your soul choices, and get an understanding of why you have faced those challenges in your life until now.

Introspective hypnosis is not erasing your trauma from your memory, quite the opposite, this technic helps you releasing what you could not do in a past event and take away the negative emotional baggage attach to the trauma so that you ll be able to go forward in life not identified by your trauma but by your succès.

When we do encounters traumas in life, deceased of a love one, unhappy childhood, break-ups, rape or molestations, part of your soul, (of you), gets trapped in that memory and will influence your day to day behavior .

By going backward into those memories, we ‘re recollecting all fragments of you that stays stuck in those traumas and are unable to continue they’re evolutions so you can finally be ALL again.

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