The Truth About Hypnosis: TRUE STATEMENTS…

– Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.

– People are always alert and awake.

– People always remain in control when they fall into a trance.

– The hypnotist needs the client’s consent to be hypnotized.

– No one stays stuck in a trance.

– People are not asleep.

– It works best on people who can visualize or imagine things easily.

– People have complete control during a session.

– I don’t practice stage or « performance » hypnosis.

– No one will feel or act like a fool.

– The hypnotist  doesn’t control the person in a trance.

– It’s normal to remember everything once you come out of a trance.


– Hypnosis puts you to sleep.

– Hypnosis strips away a person’s ability to control themselves.

– The hypnotist has special powers.

– A hypnotized person may not wake up or may stay stuck.

– It only works on people who are mentally weak.

– People can reveal their secrets.

– People may look like fools.

– People can be subject to abuse. – People may not remember anything after the session.

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